My home state, what a beautiful place. Cultural in it's own way. A place where time sheds light on a slower and simpler domain. Where strangers converse and shake hands like old friends. It's refreshing. My time in Los Angeles has been great. I have been fortunate to have moved here and given the ability to pursue my dream. But home, something so enticing about coming home for a breath of fresh air. Waking up to the sounds of birds chirping, instead of traffic. Knowing that my family wasn't 2,000 miles away, but simply a trip down the road. I always cherish these moments before I delve back into the reality of my day to day life now. I write this not as a revelation story, but as a reminder. Cherishing the moments that mean the most. Enjoying the things I have been blessed with in my life in every shape and form. 

8,000 ft Over Telegraph Peak

A friend of mine took me flying the other day. We started by doing pattern work because the marine layer that morning hadn't burned off yet. After we each had a few landings, the cloud layer cleared and we went to the practice area for some power on/power off stalls. We then climbed up to about 8,000 ft and flew over the mountains where we slowed down and opened up the window. I managed to snag these shots you see below. Some of the photos are a little washed out or over exposed due to my hasty light meter reads, but the haze gives it a certain sci-fi feel that I wouldn't trade for anything. All in all, a beautiful day for flying and photography.