Tools of the Trade

These are photos of some of the film cameras I use to shoot with. I feel that there is this huge stigma amongst photographers to keep the way they take their photos hidden and secret. I'm very honest about the style and way I shoot all my subjects, right down to the gear and film I use. Photography is based upon what you think is worth capturing in that moment. The gear you have affects the photos you take, but ultimately it is you that makes the photo great. My Pentax K100 that is featured in this set is my go to camera. It's an entry level camera that teaches you the basics of working with and shooting film. I picked it up at yard sale for $5. I'd say 80% of my best work has been shot on this little guy. Gear matters, but don't get caught up on the next guy's camera and thinking it makes their work better just because it cost $4,000. Grow in your work and be the best you can be.