My home state, what a beautiful place. Cultural in it's own way. A place where time sheds light on a slower and simpler domain. Where strangers converse and shake hands like old friends. It's refreshing. My time in Los Angeles has been great. I have been fortunate to have moved here and given the ability to pursue my dream. But home, something so enticing about coming home for a breath of fresh air. Waking up to the sounds of birds chirping, instead of traffic. Knowing that my family wasn't 2,000 miles away, but simply a trip down the road. I always cherish these moments before I delve back into the reality of my day to day life now. I write this not as a revelation story, but as a reminder. Cherishing the moments that mean the most. Enjoying the things I have been blessed with in my life in every shape and form. 

A Moment with Danielle Nichole Morgan

Danielle Nichole Morgan is a brilliant creative. If you follow her career you will find that her success started at a very young age. I am thrilled that she and I have taken on the task of starting The Outpost shop and my online portfolio. Having her expertise to get this website up and running makes the stress of this undertaking seem to melt away. Follow Danielle on Pinterest @daniellenmorgan and Instagram @daniellenicholemorgan.