1,500 ft over The Alabama River

A few months back I went east to film a movie. I had a couple days off and grabbed my good friend Wesley and a CFI we knew and took to the sky in a PA-26 for a sunset photoshoot over The Alabama River. Once I got the photos back from the developers it was a great reminder of why I love flying and photography so much. I am always willing share my passion for flying with anyone who will listen. Once I get going I'm sure I've annoyed more than a few people. The hardest part is trying to convey what things look like from up there. You get such a better handle on perspective on earth from 1,500ft. I feel with these photos though I have captured exactly what I saw that day. Truly an amazing experience I am happy to share with you all. I hope these photos give you the sensation of what it's like flying. These may not be the cleanest photos in the way of cropping but that's what makes me like them. They have a realness about them. A big shoutout to the folks at www.indiefilmlab.com for their stellar developing skills. Until next time. 


Sandstone- It's Incredible

My latest adventures take me east towards the land of red rocks in Arizona. It was frightfully cold when we woke up the next morning after driving 8 hours through the night. Three hours of sleep was plenty to get us up and going for the hour drive north to what I would later describe -as many have before me- as one of the most mind boggling things I've ever seen. Put yourself where I am, 25°, just barely light outside, winds gusting to 30 mph, and a mile deep canyon carved through the rock by millions of years of erosion. Not a bad way to start off a Monday morning. I'll save the details because I believe the photos will speak for themselves. Let me just say, if you haven't been, I highly recommend you grab a carry on, take a couple sick days and head there to re-charge your spirits. 

Also, in this series before dashing back to my apartment in Los Angeles my friend Sydney and I decided to go to Antelope Canyon. Let me tell you folks, there's not too many things on the grandiose scale that can top The Grand Canyon, but Antelope Canyon gives it a run for its money. Lower Antelope Canyon is in Page, Arizona. This IS the most beautiful thing I've experienced in my life. My friends know that I say that phrase quite a lot but it's all too true once you step down into the chasm and get a up close view for what the forces of nature are all about. Another canyon eroded by water and wind gives these sandstone walls a flowing, sculpted beauty that is hard to take in. If you've ever taken a picnic blanket and have shaken it in the wind, the same shapes it makes can be found set in stone within the walls of this canyon. The thing I loved most about taking photos of this place was the uncertainty of it all. I brought film that was the wrong ISO (in my opinion).  I was melancholy thinking none of the photos would turn out, I'm glad I was wrong. Even looking back at my photos some of them turned out so abstract and it really spoke to how so many things we create can be based from nature itself. It was a truly spiritual experience for me to see the world and the forces God has put into creation.  An awe inspiring creation that I will most certainly be going back to soon. As always, every photo here is available for purchase. If it's not in The Outpost just shoot me an email and we'll get you squared away.  

Until next time. 

feat. Sydney sitting on the edge of a very deadly cliff. Sydney loves to make me cringe by doing things like this. 

feat. Sydney sitting on the edge of a very deadly cliff. Sydney loves to make me cringe by doing things like this.