500 ft over Ísland

Where to begin with this one. As if the country is not breath taking enough form the ground- we were two lucky souls who got to go up and experience its beauty from a different vantage point. After our flight landed at Keflavík International at 7:00am we made it to Reykjavík airport and hauled into a Cessna 172 and were airborne again by 9:45am. I get goose bumps and jittery even thinking about it now as I type this. We departed straight out and leveled off at 1,500ft. We went further and further as the ground got closer and closer until we were at 500ft above some of the most expansive and breath taking landscape I’ve seen through the window of a Cessna.

Our pilot Haraldur is a special soul, the kind you want to sit and talk to for hours. His insight and ideology on life and especially the flying community just reminds me all over again what general aviation is all about. He’s a damn good pilot too. These photos evoke movement and peace. You’ll feel the turns we took and see the sights as they were from the front seat. Truly one of those moments in life that you know you’re experiencing but you have to wait and come back to it to appreciate it all over again. I’ll leave it at that and let the photos do the rest. Until next time.

This is the lake on an island in a lake

This is the lake on an island in a lake


1,500 ft over The Alabama River

A few months back I went east to film a movie. I had a couple days off and grabbed my good friend Wesley and a CFI we knew and took to the sky in a PA-26 for a sunset photoshoot over The Alabama River. Once I got the photos back from the developers it was a great reminder of why I love flying and photography so much. I am always willing share my passion for flying with anyone who will listen. Once I get going I'm sure I've annoyed more than a few people. The hardest part is trying to convey what things look like from up there. You get such a better handle on perspective on earth from 1,500ft. I feel with these photos though I have captured exactly what I saw that day. Truly an amazing experience I am happy to share with you all. I hope these photos give you the sensation of what it's like flying. These may not be the cleanest photos in the way of cropping but that's what makes me like them. They have a realness about them. A big shoutout to the folks at www.indiefilmlab.com for their stellar developing skills. Until next time.