1,500 ft over The Alabama River

A few months back I went east to film a movie. I had a couple days off and grabbed my good friend Wesley and a CFI we knew and took to the sky in a PA-26 for a sunset photoshoot over The Alabama River. Once I got the photos back from the developers it was a great reminder of why I love flying and photography so much. I am always willing share my passion for flying with anyone who will listen. Once I get going I'm sure I've annoyed more than a few people. The hardest part is trying to convey what things look like from up there. You get such a better handle on perspective on earth from 1,500ft. I feel with these photos though I have captured exactly what I saw that day. Truly an amazing experience I am happy to share with you all. I hope these photos give you the sensation of what it's like flying. These may not be the cleanest photos in the way of cropping but that's what makes me like them. They have a realness about them. A big shoutout to the folks at www.indiefilmlab.com for their stellar developing skills. Until next time.