This series is one that started while I was exploring my home town Montgomery, Alabama. In my town, like many others, the hardships of life and time are apparent throughout the city. They stain our sidewalks and leave their marks all over the face of a scarred and stoic city. Montgomery is no stranger to hate. This city has been host to some of the most iconic stories told from the Civil Rights Movement. It's walls are built with history, soaked in conflict, and marred by the people of it's past. Let me not sound bleak though, as times were not all bad.

As I type this, racism is still alive and well, maybe not as it once was, but all too apparent in the world. Unfortunately, racism today is painted with a broad brush. It seems like demographics are being targeted as a whole instead of singling out the mindless parasites that still cling onto this dated and horrible way of thinking. You can't fight racism with racism. Be slow to anger and do not allow thoughts of hate to spawn in your head. This will leave us in a constant cycle of suffering.

We need to learn from the past and break the cycle. Many people in the midst of the Civil Rights Movement stood up against tyranny and preached love and acceptance to be the true way forward in life. We are one humanity. Through those wounds was born a generation that strives for one thing  love. The path that God wanted his children to take. I'm a firm believer in that mentality. I try and  strive for it everyday, to be a better person. I hope that when you see my work you see my thoughts through it. Until next time.