The Man Behind The Camera

From my humble beginnings as a boy that grew up in rural Alabama, I took on some interesting hobbies. No one in my family is really involved in the arts so I can't say as to where I got my passions from. I started acting professionally at the age of 11, doing professional shows at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival, a magnificent theatre and probably the nicest thing in Alabama. Afterwards, I moved onto pursuing jobs in film and television. I booked my first role in a movie "Trouble with the Curve" in 2012 and the work has continued ever since. I never picked a day to really pursue acting as a profession, I just sort of kept doing it. I share an equal passion for flying as well as photography. My theory on life is that there are too many amazing things to experience and accomplish in life so why settle for just one trade or lifestyle. Photography is my outlet to share my experiences of life with others. I know that film helps me document myself and my story as I wander about on my own path. From adventure to adventure, day to day, photography will go everywhere with me.